Career Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in a career with Basic Energy Services?  Check out the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and Basic Energy Services Careers:

Q: How do I apply for a position at Basic Energy Services?

A: To begin, please join our Talent Community!  Enter your email address, tell us a bit about yourself, create your profile, and then you can apply to any of our open positions within any of our Regions.

Q: Positions where I currently live are not listed on the website. Why?  Can I still apply?

A: While we may not currently have open positions in the location of your choice, you can always join our Talent Community, create a profile and check back regularly to see what positions have become available.

Q: I applied online through your website; what happens next?

A: Resumes are reviewed on a regular basis by hiring managers and local HR Representatives.  We look for candidates whose previous experience, skills, education, licenses and other abilities are the closest match to a position’s responsibilities.  If your background and skillset matches what we’re looking for, someone will reach out to you.

Q: How long will it take before I’m contacted?

A: That depends on several factors: If you’re one of the more qualified applicants it could be right away, if the hiring manager has already interviewed several people by the time you apply, you may not be contacted initially, but may be contacted down in the future.  It can also depend on the number of applicants who have applied, if the hiring manager and HR Representative have to look thorough hundreds of resumes. It could take a couple weeks.

Q: Does Basic Energy Services promote from within?

A: Yes! We have talented people who take pride in our company and continued development.  Many of our Management & Administrative employees started in the oil field and worked their way up or over to the corporate office.  Promotions are performance based!  Your dedication, work ethic and drive determines your career growth opportunities.  You are also welcome to move from one Region to the next if an opportunity arises that you’re interested in.

Q: What are Basic Energy Services benefits and how soon do they start?

A: We offer a variety of benefits to fit individual needs of all our employees.  Please click here to see what we offer: Benefits

Q: Can I submit a resume in person?

A: You sure can, however, you’ll still need to officially apply online, create a profile, and attach your profile to the open position(s) you’re interested in.  We only consider candidates who officially apply online.

Q: I need a work permit to work in the United States.  Will Basic Energy Services sponsor me?

A: We do not typically offer sponsorships.  Should there be a position, of such scarce skills, that we are not able to find local talent, we would consider that position on a case by case basis.

Q: Does Basic Energy Services offer disability accommodations?

A: We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to a diverse workforce.  Should an accommodation be needed, we will enter into the interactive process with you, to see if an appropriate accommodation can be made.

Q: Does Basic Energy Services offer relocation assistance?

A: Relocation assistance is not offered for every position in every location. There may be specific positions that relocation will be offered, but in general, the best approach is to consider the role without relocation assistance.  If we interview you, we will typically ask you about your plans to relocate to the area where the position is located and that would be the perfect time to discuss relocation.

Q: How should I dress for the interview?

A: That depends on the type of job you’re interviewing for.  If you’re applying for a position in a field location, you’ll probably dress more casually than for a position at the corporate office.  At the corporate office we are business casual Monday – Thursday, and casual attire is acceptable on Friday.  Dressing more conservatively is never a problem at the corporate office, however, wearing a suit to a field interview may be over-dressed.

We’ll be happy to answer any other questions during the interview process.